Managed Services

Managed Services

Our Managed Services solution gives the option to outsource the whole, or parts of the talent acquisition process to us. To build an internal recruitment operation is costly both in terms of time and money and is difficult to scale up or down as the business changes. 

The key focus areas for our managed services program is process, people and system. To reach optimal results they all need to be synchronized and fully implemented into the organisation. From previous results we have seen our customers decrease its positions going to external vendors with up to 80% and decreased time to hire with up to 75%.

The first step in exploring if managed services would be beneficial is to assess your current situation and establish your cost and time per hire. The more we can break down and measure the different components of your current recruitment costs, the easier it will be to assess and present talent acquisition solutions that will add value.

In the majority of cases managed services is both cheaper, more efficient and less risky than employing your own recruitment staff. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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