Interview Preparation 

In preparation for your interview we like to invite you to view this segment that will help to prepare you for that meeting. Our purpose is to help you determine if this organization is the right fit for you. And if during the interview a lightbulb switches on and you have the revelation that yes, this is were I want to be. Our purpose is to prepare you with enough information that you are offered a follow up meeting or perhaps even an offer. Now, it is 100% your right to decline moving forward, but we want that decision to rest with you, not with them.

First we suggest that you do some research on the specific company and hiring manager. This may seem obvious but it is important that you formulate some questions that show you did your homework prior to this meeting.

Second, create and initial list of questions you would like to ask during your interview. Sit down and put some though into what information you are looking to get from this meeting. In other words, what questions do you need answered to know if this is the right opportunity for you. What areas do you need clarified to make you feel comfortable? The purpose of this first interview is to get all initials questions asked. 

Third, put thought into what you feel to be the three most important benefits you bring to new organization above and beyond that of your colleagues. The essence is this, what three most important things that hiring manager to take away from this conversation. What are benefits, characteristics or abilities that you have which separate you from peers. Why would they choose to hire you over someone else? If it is because your work ethics, creativity or technical ability articulate some specific examples. Fourth, be prepared to answer very common question like “Tell me about yourself” and your response could be” I love to” Is there any specific area you are looking for? This is perfectly acceptable answer but at the end of day be prepared to give an introductory summary of your background & experience.

The wrong way to response to this-Sure! What would you want to know? Make sure your answer directly fits the concerns & objectives of the prospective employer. Briefly communicate professional accomplishment not personal ones. Be brief. Take a minute or less to answer this question. Just offer two or three things that are interesting and useful.

Next, be prepared to answer the Why are you looking question? First, never speak negative about someone else like company, team or boss. It gives opposite intended impact. Second, put the reason for being open to new opportunity in the best light possible. Reflect on what this new role requires? And think about an answer that contrast what this previous company does not have but this current job does. If you are considering a change from say a large company to small company, you might say, you had a wonderful experience seeing how large company does business. It is ok to be honest if you are an actively looking and stayed that you are an actively looking. But be prepared to articulate why they took time to meet you today and why you are taking their time to interview you. You could say something along line that Iam not actively pursuing in other opportunity at this time but iam open to possibility of change because of A,B & C.

Another common question to be prepared to answer is – Why do you want to work for our company? Begin your answer with statement like that based on research I have done or from what I saw on your website .The bottom line is make sure that you process why you interviewing here instead of anywhere else .What is it about working environment ,the reputation of firm ,the type of work that they were doing or the support they have for their team.

The last question that covered today is -what do you want to make or what salary you are looking for making a move? Ultimately a number you throw that so high might rule you for consideration or leave a negative impression with hiring manager. And number too low leaves little room for negotiation.

One option you have is to put the responsibility for salary negotiation back on your recruiter’s plate. Another response could be answer the current salary component directly but then leave negotiation to another time.

Last but not least make sure you close on next step at the conclusion of the meeting. This does not mean to be overly aggressive but ultimately people like people who like them. Closing for next step is a key way to showing interest & leave the interview in a positive note.

Finally, lets run through just basic check list of interviewing: A navy dark grey or black suit is appropriate for most positions. Avoid combing and brushing your hair with your jacket on.

Avoid colognes or fragrances completely. Makeup, accessorise, neckties, nail polish are all settled. Arrive no earlier than 15min but no later then 5min prior to your interview.

Before entering the building chew mint, gum or breath mint. Don’t take your cell phone into the interview. Make sure to bring a printed set of direction to the interview. The client phone no. in case you are late. A pholio with paper & pen. Copies of your resume.

These are just few suggestions for the successful first interview. All design to keep the decision resting with you for next step.