Executive Search

Executive Search

At the start of the search process Avancos will appoint an executive search consultant with experience from your sector. The recruitment process will be conducted according to the outlined process below.

Start-up meeting and Needs Analysis Profile

Using a structured and thorough approach we will go through the open job function, the company structure, culture and future development plans. We also consider the attributes, successes and personality of the candidate so we can present qualified professionals that match the job and the hiring managers requirements. The more information we can gather the better our chances are to qualify and attract the right talent. Information such as the background of the people in the team, specific information regarding the type of projects being worked on and potential future projects will assist the search.

It is important to get the candidates attention and for us to start to explore if the open job opportunity can bring added value to their career development.

If we previously have recruited for a similar role we will go through benchmark candidates from our network with the hiring manager, discuss our experience of the market, salary levels and other aspects that will be useful to know early in the talent acquisition process.

After discussing with the hiring manager, we will send you a tailor-made job description, a target list of companies where we will focus our search and a Needs Analysis Profile for approval regarding the open job.

Candidate sourcing

First, we will consider our own internal network of candidates. Second, map the market for qualified candidates. We have dedicated and highly skilled sourcing specialists that use multiple sourcing channels, enabling us to map between 60-80% of qualified candidates. We also have access to candidates that are on social media sites such as LinkedIn. 

Our approach

Our process focuses on attracting passive candidates using our communication skills, and ability to build trust with potential candidates. Most candidates will need to see added value in making a career move if they are to take on a new opportunity. This means we must understand their expectations, work and social situation and what it is that would entice them to consider making a career move. Our philosophy is that we listen to and coach candidates through the talent acquisition process to assure both clients and candidates feel that they are making the right long-term career choice.

Candidate assessment

Our candidate assessment tools differ depending on type of position and the clients needs. We use psychometric tests, test of logical and conceptual ability. Our general advice is to have a clear idea and understanding of the purpose of the assessment method and link it directly to what is required to be successful in the open job function and company.

Reporting and market insight

We send a weekly update report that provides full insight into our talent acquisition activities. As a client, you can track and measure the candidate profiles we are targeting and get feedback on the open job regarding salary benchmarking and other market intelligence information that will be of value. To receive a good understanding of the market in combination with the shortlist of candidates gives the hiring manager reassurance that the candidates received are the best selection of qualified professionals for the role.

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