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Why customers choose Avancos

Access to talent
We present candidates you don't have access to today. Our database consists  of over 40.000 candidates and we have specialised sourcing consultants that have a variety of premium sourcing tools and the training to utilize them. For our long-term clients we know what good looks like and are able to present open candidates that can move their business forward.

Speed and Quality
As a niched recruitment firm we know the roles you want us to fill, how long it will take and what it takes to be able to attract high achievers to your team. Therefore we can commit to interview dates at the start of the process and will deliver on your expectations with the best talent the market can provide.

Candidate Acceptance
We recruit candidates on motivation and added value. If the candidates feel that there is clear added value to making a career move there is also an alternative cost to staying in their current role. Salary increases are often expected from candidates but money alone does not count as enough added value for us to present.

We preclose the candidate throughout the process and cover counter-offers to avoid costly, late candidate rejections.

Our candidates stay longer in their positions
Candidates that chooses to join a company for the right reasons (medium to long-term added value) are more inclined to stay longer in their new company and role.

Our clients get weekly updates were our progress can be tracked in detail, from long- up to shortlist presentation. No Avancos client should wonder how we are getting on.

Sectors in focus

• Infrastructure
• Energy
• Industry
• Installation
• Building
• Environment

Positions we typically fill

• Project Managers, Site Managers, Construction Managers
• Bid Managers, Calculators, Buyers, Commercial Contracts Managers
• Structural Engineers Road Design, Structural Engineer Bridge Design
• Buildings, Infrastructure, Industry
• CEO, Country Managers, Regional Managers, Group Manager
• Business Developers, Account Managers, Sales Engineers, Sales Managers
• Automation Engineers, Scada Specialists, Energy System Engineers
• Power System Specialists, Wind Resources Specialist, Structural Engineers Power Lines
• Wind Resources Specialist, Foundation Engineers, BoP Managers, Hydro Experts
• BIM Specialists, Data Coordinators, FEM Analysts
• Geotechnical Engineers, Rock Engineers
• Acoustic Consultants, Lightning Designers
• Environmental Experts Building, Experts Energy Calculations Buildings
• Environmental Consultants Contaminated Land, PFAS Consultant, EIA Consultants
• Landscape Architects, Architects Buildings
• Installation Manager, PV Design Engineer, HVAC Consultants

Core Values

Market Mastery
We are specialised within our business segments with in dept understanding of the market. This enables us to better understand clients and candidates perspectives and add value to their business and careers. 

Respect for the individual and professionalism 
We are aware we carry a large responsibility towards both our clients and candidates in our work. We treat all candidates we come in contact with confidentiality, with respect and with empathy. We feel pride in representing our customers and are committed presenting their brand to the highest standard

Challenge perspectives
We help candidates assess and re-evaluate their career options. We help organisations think beyond their normal practices to identify, attract and recruit experienced candidates.

Endurance and Commitment
We seek long term partnerships with both candidates and clients and are committed to conclude our projects.

Historical Data

• Founded 2001. Offices in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Spain.

• 2000+ placements in 26 countries.

• Experience in large scale international recruitment projects as well as local searches.

• 94% repeat business from existing clients.

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